TATORT: Wir kriegen euch alle

Jessica composed the score for “Wir kriegen euch alle”. Don´t miss it´s premiere next sunday, December 2nd 2018 on ARD, 8:15pm. Directed by Sven Bohse. Watch trailer here.  


Jessica composed the music for OSTFRIESENKILLER (ZDF). The thriller is directed by Sven Bohse and will premiere on April 1st, 2017, 20:15. The screenplay is based on the bestselling books of author Klaus-Peter Wolf. Emmy Award winning actress Christine Paul is in the lead role. Star cellist Elena Cheah played some lines on Jessica´s score… Don´t miss out!

Composing music for THE FOOD CURE…

Jessica is happy to announce to compose music for the documentary THE FOOD CURE, directed by Sarah Mabrouk in collaboration with Maarten Buning. There will be lots of interesting information regarding natural based cancer treatments…

“Ein Sommer in Island” on TV.

ZDF | Oct 12, 2014 | 8:15 PM
Directed by Sven Bohse.
Music by Jessica de Rooij.

Leading actress Catherine Bode and composer Jessica de Rooij meet at the FIRST STEPS AWARDS 2014.