Interview with Rogue Cinema

Journalist: Herbert M. Brindl
Language: English

“Rogue readers let’s start with a short history lesson for this Interview, to make you familiar with the Egyptian Goddess, Hathor. Hathor was the ancient Egyptians goddess of Cheerfulness, Music, Love, Beauty and Dance. Generally, Hathor is pictured as a woman with cow’s horns with the sun between them (Eye of Ra, Golden One). Those of you, who have ever made a trip up the Nil in Egypt, can for sure remember the images of her which are found on almost every temple wall or at the Pharaoh tombs at the “Valley of the Kings” on the west bank at Luxor (Ancient Thebes). In my Case, I met the reincarnation of the Goddess of music here in L.A., 28 year old film composer Jessica De Rooij, a very sympatric, pretty, smart and energetic young women from Europe…”

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