“THE EUROPEAN FILM MUSIC DAY” at 68th Festival de Cannes

Please see Jessica de Rooij talk about film music at THE EUROPEAN FILM MUSIC DAY in Cannes:

Sunday 17th May,  2015

14:30h – 18:30h
FNAC – 83 Rue d’Antibes – Cannes

For the first time in cooperation with the Directors’ Fortnight the leading German industry forum SoundTrack_Cologne together with its German partners DEFKOM Deutsche Filmkomponistenunion, mediamusic e.V. BR filmtonart und Braunschweig International Filmfestival provides the film music from Germany with an international platform. In talks, case studies and matchmaking German composers and the German film music scene will be introduced to and incorporated into an international context.

“Cannes is the most important meeting point of the film world, it is obvious that film music shouldn’t stand back. We are happy we have won the Directors’ Fortnight as new partner. Even if we can’t leave behind our German respective Cologne perspective, the EUROPEAN FILM MUSIC DAY considers itself as a central hub for Europe’s entire film music scene”, says organizer Michael P. Aust of SoundTrack_Cologne.

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