The Food Cure

Documentary (2017)
Sahra Mabrouk
Sahra Mabrouk, Alexander Wadouh

THE FOOD CURE documentary tells the stories of six cancer patients who turn their backs on conventional medicine and opt for a controversial nutritional treatment instead. It investigates what pushes cancer patients to seek out alternative medicines when their lives are at risk, and observes how the protagonists fare with their choice during a period of five years.

Without knowing where it would lead, the filmmakers documented the protagonists’ experiences from the first days of a strictly nutritional treatment through the final medical scans and tests, and for several years after that. The film sensitively shows the ups and downs, personal struggles, achievements and losses, and the arsenal of organic produce that accompany the protagonists on their journey…with some surprising results.

The principle behind the controverisal nutritional treatment invented by a German doctor in the 1930s is that the body’s own immune system – when fully functional – efectively detects and kills cancer cells. By restoring and strengthenening the immune system through a strict diet and radical detoxification measures, the theory is that the cancer patient’s immune system can be revitalized, therefore resuming its work of selectively destroying mutated cancer cells without harming any other cells.

This concept, once frowned upon by the medical establishment, is strikingly similar to the ideas behind the cutting-edge cancer research that is producing promising new immunotherapy drugs and oncolytic viral therapies today. Are holistic approaches and high-tech medicine beginning to find some common ground? Could a cure for cancer really be hidden in our immune systems – and in our food?

Or are alternative practitioners just luring desperate patients away from proper medical treatment with the false promise of hope? Numerous experts on both sides of the medical isle – conventional and alternative – tackle these and many other questions in this exciting new film.

While modern medicine has eradicated or found working cures for so many of history’s deadliest diseases, cancer still remains a devastating diagnosis.  The “C-word” carries the weight of fear, loss, pain, and uncertainty: the name for a disease that touches all of us, directly or indirectly.

Advancements in research have provided some reason for hope, but patients and doctors still remain helpless in the face of many cases and types of cancer. The most widely prescribed treatments for cancer continue to be surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy – all of which are invasive and can have debilitating side effects and variable success rates. Patients can feel powerless when faced with these options. And yet, a decision to reject conventional cancer treatment in favor of an unproven alternative is a radical and dangerous act – one that is often met with comprehensible concern from family, friends, and health professionals.

What drives some patients to make this choice? And what happens, day by day, to those who choose to go the alternative route?  THE FOOD CURE asks the challenging question: